Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dad 226

I heard that there was a benefit dinner yesterday for Nate Geisser's Marine unit that is soon deploying to Afghanistan. I knew Nate had graduated with Zach and was worried that something had happened to him, but then heard he had not left for Afghanistan. Then I wondered why a benefit dinner and learned that it was to buy magazines for the units weapons. Wow I thought money for every thing the politicians want to spend on to stay in office but not for equipment for our militry. If these regular folks can raise money to purchase these needed items then the marines certainly could. We continue to ask these young men and women to go into harms way with substandard or missing equipment. It is getting to be a familiar theme and enough is enough. This should not be happening this should be our nations highest priority to properly equip those on the forefront of freedom. I am writing my congressmen, no responses yet but I guess it is time to light a fire under some asses! I bite my tongue often in this blog to keep politics out but I'm getting pissed off. There are a bunch of snot nosed whiney SOB's in this country that need to stop saying "What can my country can do for me" and ask "What can I do for my country" People need to get off their lazy butts and exercise some personal responsibility an idea which is in desperate need of a comeback! The president keeps claiming that without "Obamacare" people are dying in the street. That is BS and he has yet to prove it, they can always go to a clinic or an emergency room. If Nate Geisser's Marine unit is in a fire fight and runs short of magazines where are they going to go for more? Walmart? Cabelas? Ranger Joes? The answer is their butts will be hanging out in the breeze! For me there is nothing more precious than my children and I feel as though the government is not taking their responsibility of seeing that my son is taken care of seriously. This is unacceptable! But the soldiers, marines, airmen and naval forces will continue to do their duty despite the obstacles. God bless them all and I know Zach is superman, and I love him very much!

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