Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 201

Mom - Day 201

I just came back from Costa Rica with my students. I was really dreading the fact that I had to go when I had so much on my plate but God had something else on his mind for me. I had a few opportunities to chat with Zach and he was so happy that I was in C.R., a place that holds many memories for him. He made me feel good about being there, like I was there for him. Zach told me not to worry about him so much, he was okay. He also told me to plan a trip for him, for next year when he exits the military. I say God had a plan for me because he surrounded me by circumstances and people that made me carry my burdens in a different way. I was at a point in my life that I thought I could never return from and I was exhausted. After today, I will still have another 200 days to write about. This blog site has had over 4000 hits - I am not sure what is to come but I pray that God will keep on reminding me to have faith, and to believe in what I can do. The actions of one person can be very powerful.
I love you Zach

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