Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dad 202

Lisa sent me a message she was so happy that she was able to talk to Zach via facebook messaging for a few minutes. I found it interesting when I was talking to him on Sunday when he said the sound of mortar attacks don't even bother him anymore. He said at the combat outpost he is at there are Navy construction workers who are building some permanent structures. Well a mortar attack started and the Navy personnel not used to the sound of the explosions ran into the bunkers. Zach said that he and another paratrooper asked them what they were doing and then told them the rounds aren't even close. Unbelievable what you get used to! Another reason why these young men and women are America's finest remember to keep each and every one of them in your prayers.

You are superman Zach, I love you so much bud!

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