Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 36

Mom – Day 36

I am so upset and frustrated with Zach. Did he not learn!!!! You never never volunteer for anything. Zach was already at FOB Shank, why didn’t he stay there? No, he had to go back out to do more missions and that is exactly what he is doing now. Does anyone really care that he decided to go back in the field – I don’t think so. Is he really making a difference, I don’t really know? Soldiers are still getting killed, he is still out there fighting AND he is not properly equipped – he sent all of his gear back except for the ‘essential’ things, which did not include his winter gear. I cannot yell at him or tell him – “WHY DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS !!!!”, one would think that he would of figured this out by now. I was so overwhelmed when I heard that he was done with his combat missions, only for him to volunteer to go back out there. He needs to get out of there! Karzai is fooling himself thinking that one can negotiate with people like the Taliban – what is there to negotiate??? Will Karzai ask the Taliban not to hang the children, or gas the girl schools, or throw acid in the faces of the young girl students, or not to literally tear people into pieces. It is like asking Hitler to use a little less gas in a concentration camp.

Zach stay focused, I love you

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