Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 35 Dad

I told Zach don’t volunteer for anything in the military. Of course the volunteer is part of the training, joining, airborne, half the stuff he does is volunteer. But then he was at FOB Shank, and while it was a pain there to deal with all of the garrison dwellers who have never been out side the wire you are still sleeping in a bed every night with enough to eat and you are warm. Now he is going out on a multi day mission in the mountains, no cold weather gear and seems to be stressed. The new unit arriving is not taking over the mission load quick enough so they are still conducting the missions. I felt like screaming you were out and chose to get on a helicopter going back up there – WHY???? Well we know why he is stubborn like his mother and loyal to those with whom he serves.

When I told Lisa about his latest email it sounded like she was mad at me. I am the one who told him just stay at Shank. He said it slowing down, but 4 ISAF or Nato service members were killed in action yesterday, I did not get their nationality but it was in eastern Afghanistan where I believe the 101st Airborne has been operating. So we worry again and now he is cold and lacking equipment but back out on the missions – perfect. I know my son, I admire his courage and loyalty to his friends, but sometimes you have to just let it roll. He was upset about all of the people in shank telling him what to do and that money of them have never left the friendly confines of the now huge post in Central Afghanistan. Sometimes you just have to buck up, deal with it! Maturity is sometimes a slow process despite the appearances on the boy.

You are my hero, you are superman, I love you Zach!

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