Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day -1

Mom – Day -1

Today Zach called me at school during my prep time. I couldn’t believe that I was speaking to him from Germany. I don’t know how to describe how I felt because words cannot compensate for my feelings. Today, I have been discussing the Day of the Dead with my students and I feel as if my mother was there listening to my lecture. I must be over sensitive now because I can’t seem to stop crying because I feel so lucky. I tell myself I should never complain for the rest of my life because all of my prayers have been answered. Today I also received a big package from my sister with the book, The Kite Runner, a Mexican of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and other little things – some of the things that kept me going: learning about the culture, and my faith. I just feel so blessed and scared that I shouldn’t deserve this. One day, far from this day, I will go back and read my 365 days of prayer. Funny how this war is because I am the enemy, the Infidel, somehow I don’t feel like the Infidel because I have never prayed to God so hard as I have done this past year. Please continue the prayers for those that are still willing to fight and are willing to sacrifice their life for …. Sometimes I don’t even know what we are fighting for .

I love you Zach and I love my family.

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